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Advanced Louisiana Irrigation, LLC (ALI) is your single source for all of your irrigation needs. Our specialists will analyze and pinpoint the area of concern within your irrigation system and our technicians will determine and implement the best solutions needed for your irrigation problems.

All water will be drained from Backflow. Water will be evacuated from any piping that is above ground. Turn off controller. Note any repairs needed for Spring start up. Winterizing is of utmost importance. With our proper winter maintenance program, you will have no worries when spring rolls around. However, know that year-round maintenance is essential for a well operating irrigation system.

In compliance with state law, the Backflow test will be performed and test results will be provided to the homeowner. Irrigation system will be turned on. All zones will be run to ensure all heads are working properly, and adjust any heads for proper coverage. Correct start times will be made to the controller along with correct run times for each zone. Batteries will be replaced in controller if needed.

Run all zones to ensure all heads are performing correctly and check landscape for stress or wilting. Adjust run times to controller if needed.

Backflow preventers are mechanical devices designed to prevent the backflow (reversal of flow from the intended direction) of contaminants into the potable water supply system. The correct installation of a backflow preventer will keep your irrigation system's dirty, stagnant water out of you tap drinking water. ALI will provide you dedicated service to your backflow preventer. Services including: installation, repair, annually testing. Get your backflow test scheduled in 5 minutes, go to: advanced-louisiana-irrigation.syncta.com

ALI has a new, original, unique way of watering for your lawn. With the development of our engineered software scheduling program, we can automatically program your Smart Controller. A watering schedule that will be developed just for your yard. This schedule being installed will determine how much water will be needed each month for the best utilization.

About Us

Advanced Louisiana Irrigation, LLC opened for business in 2015 as a specialty company servicing the irrigation industry. Company's goal is to provide clients with an economic way to ensure the longevity of their irrigation systems.

Philip Seacrist, founder has over twenty years of past experience in the oil and gas industry as a lease operator/plant operator, operations manager, and construction designer. His past skills and experiences have prepared him to excel in the role of Leading Manager of ALI company now.

Philip has acquired his Irrigation License along with his Water Supply Protection Specialist Endorsement. He is an active member of Louisiana Irrigation Association.

As you can see Philip is more than just an irrigation man. He sees the whole picture and is an expert in getting the right plan for you and your property. With a properly installed and maintained irrigation system, you will be doing your lawn, the aquifer, and yourself a favor.

Call Me - I am your ALI (Advanced Louisiana Irrigation).

About Us

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Name: Philip Seacrist Phone: 318-245-6916 philip@advancedlouisianairrigation.com


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